Are you related to someone who is exposed or suspected of being exposed to violence in a close relationship?

Then you are welcome to contact us for free support and advice.

The most important thing you can do as a relative of someone you suspect to be exposed to violence is to DARE to ASK! There is help to get and we believe in you and your relative.

There are warning signs to pay attention to:

  • If she’s have less time to hang out or talk on the phone with family and friends.
  • If she adapt her everyday life based on her partner’s needs.
  • If the partner often rings, sends text messages and wants to know where she is and with who.
  • If the partner constantly drives her to and from work and activities.
  • If you experience it as if she’s being interrogated when doing something on her own.
  • If she cancel activities in the last second.
  • If you suspect she can not make her own financial decisions, or dress or look as she wants.
  • If the couple is fighting publicly and she apologizes after.
  • If gadgets and home decor show signs of violence.
  • If she does not seem to want to be alone at home with her partner, for example, always works overtime.
  • If she answers avoidance on holiday and weekends questions.
  • If she has physical signs of violence in the form of bruises, tear marks and scratches. It’s not uncommon if she’s joking about it or answers avoidance when asked how she got these marks.