Child peace crime

A new law came into force on July 1, 2021 . The law means that the child becomes a plaintiff with the right to damages and can testify without the parents’ approval. Police and prosecutors can also interrogate children without first asking for parental approval.

The law changes the child’s legal status to be a crime victim / plaintiff and enables the child to receive damages. If damages are paid, it remains in a locked account until the child reaches the age of 18. Even an infant can be a plaintiff.

The child peace crime is based on a basic crime has occurred. It must be possible to prove that the child has seen or heard when the crime was committed. The child must be close to both the victim and the perpetrator but does not have to be related. The basic crime can be abuse, unlawful threats or sexual crimes. As the child has witnessed such a basic crime, the child peace crime arises. Therefore, there are always at least two crimes that form the basis of the judgments.

The penalty is community service, probation or imprisonment for up to two years. In case of serious crime: imprisonment for nine months up to four years.