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Violence in a close relationship

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Protected accommodation

We have protected accommodation

If it is impossible for you to stay at home due to violence or threats of violence, then there is the opportunity to live in the Women’s shelters at a secret address. Children are welcome.
We are listening

We are listening

We provide support and advice to you who have been subjected to violence. We also offer support and advice to you who are a relative of a person who has been subjected to violence.
Your support at the authorities

Your support at the authorities

We help you get in touch with, for example, a lawyer, district court, healthcare and social administration. We can also help you with questions about divorce and police reporting.


The women’s shelter Täby / Danderyd offers abused women and children sheltered housing . We have room for two women with their children. Women come to our women’s shelter after contact with the social administration in their home municipality and a decision on placement with us.

While the woman lives with us, we work according to the social administration’s individual implementation plan . We listen and provide conversational support . Everything that is said stays with us – we give a promise of silence.

During the period of residence, we provide advice and support in contacts with a lawyer, police, district court, the Swedish Tax Agency for applications for confidentiality marking, the Swedish Social Insurance Agency, the Swedish Public Employment Service, housing applicants, healthcare and pre-school.

We provide conversational support to women who feel anxious and vulnerable, to women who have previously lived on call and to relatives of people who have been exposed.

Kvinnojouren Täby / Danderyd also works preventively by, among other things, offering lectures or training at schools, companies and organizations .

We work for an equal society free from violence


Kvinnojouren Täby/Danderyd

08-768 32 10

Weekdays 09:00-20:00
Saturdays 10:00-15:00
Sundays 15:00-20:00

SOS Alarm


All days 00:00-24:00


114 14

All days 00:00-24:00

Link: Polis

The Women's Protection Line

020-50 50 50

All days 00:00-24:00

Link: Kvinnofridslinjen

Support line for transgender people

020-55 00 00

All days 11:00-19:00

Link: Support line for transgender people

Socialjouren Nordost

08-410 200 40:

Mon-Thu 16:30-02:00
Friday 15:00-02:00
Sat-Sun 16:00-02:00

08 – 454 23 37 (through SOS Alarm):
Mon-Thu 02:00-08:00
Friday 02:00-08:00
Sat-Sun 02:00-16:00

Emergency room for raped people

08-616 46 70

All days 00:00-24:00

Link: Emergency room for raped people

”Therefore is it difficult to leave a destructive relationship”

Why doesn’t she leave, she just has to go?

This is how it is easy to think for those around you when a loved one is in a destructive relationship. Here, psychologist Anna Bennich explains why it is so difficult to leave a person who treats you badly. ”Switching between strong love and warmth – and freezing cold. What happens then is that we constantly long to get back into the strong love and warmth,” she says.

The clip comes from Nyhetsmorgon on TV4 from 2022-09-24

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